2024 Southern Utah University Honor Band Participants

2024 Southern Utah University Honor Band Participants

Each year, Southern Utah University proudly hosts an exhilarating music festival that brings together exceptionally talented student musicians from all over the country. These gifted young musicians are given audition materials and create audition videos to submit for consideration. When the final selection is made, those who were selected spend a weekend at the picturesque campus of Southern Utah University. They join either the Festival Band or the esteemed SUU Honor Band, surrounded by like-minded peers and amazing music instructors. This opportunity offers students a taste of the magnificent world of college-level music, pushing their boundaries and fostering personal growth.

The Deer Valley High School Instrumental Music Program is proud to announce the following participants:

SUU Honor Band
Cailyn Deibel (Junior)
Lucas Irey (senior)
Corey Reed (senior)
Jonathon Williams (Freshman)
Jaxson McKee (Sophomore)

Festival Band
Ryan Jin (Sophomore)
Danika Kemp (Junior)
Laila Mercado (Junior)
Trinity Payne (Sophomore)
June Rutter (Sophomore)
Alexander Radlauer (Junior)
Jason Myers (Junior)
Tyler Luddon (Junior)
Dominick O’Connell (Junior)

Please congratulate our fine student musicians on this accomplishment!