Calling All Parents

Behind every great high school band program is a special group of people. Parents!
The success of our students and the band program as a whole wouldn’t be possible without our great parents.

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Please consider becoming a Volunteer as well as a Band Booster!

How Can I Help?

Volunteers are needed throughout the year and fill many needs:

– Moving Equipment
– Fixing Equipment
– Maintaining Uniforms
– Chaperoning Students 
– Serving Food
– Audio & Video Recording
– And Everything in between! 

Marching band can be a rather large undertaking and requires the most amount of volunteer support. The remainder of the year the needs tend to be less, but we will still need your help!   

When volunteer opportunities come up, an official volunteer signup request will be sent out via Cuttime. Specific jobs will be listed so you can sign up wherever you feel you can be the most help.

Please make sure you are signed up for Cuttime and Slack as these are the primary methods of communications for the program. 



Cuttime is the DVHS Instrumental Music Program management program. Cuttime is used for:

–  Official communications with Parents & Students
– Sharing details about Events and Concerts. 
– Volunteer requests and sign-ups
– Track Student Fees
– Weekly Directors Notes

* Registration in Cuttime is required for Students & Parents of ALL DVHS Instrumental Music Programs.


Slack is the official group messaging application used for real-time communications within Instrumental Music Program. 

Slack is comprised of several groups that you will find extremely useful throughout your band life. 

You can find Slack in the App Store or Google Play.

*Slack is required for Students & Parents of ALL DVHS Instrumental Music Programs.

All New & Returning Volunteers

Please complete the required paperwork per the district and DVHS Administration.

New paperwork must be submitted for each year that you participate.
Please complete your paperwork as soon as possible. Scan as a PDF file (no pictures please) and email it to The Volunteer Coordinator.

If you don’t have access to a scanner, please send it with your student to Mrs. Govan.

Volunteer Requirements

To be a volunteer in our district, you MUST complete two important steps:

1. Attend district volunteer training.
2. Submit fingerprint card  

Fingerprints are required for Volunteers who travel on overnight trips and work with student on a 1 to 1 basis. 
State and federal fingerprint clearance cards will NOT be accepted per the district. The only fingerprints on file they will accept are if you work for the Deer Valley Unified School District currently.

Additional Information

*Couples may NOT use the same documents.

Each person volunteering must fill out paperwork, attend training and be fingerprinted.
Be sure to write your email address at the top of the form and ensure your student’s name and grade level is included.

Need to attend volunteer training?

The DVHS Instrumental Music Program works to have group Volunteer Trainings at Start-Up days etc. However you can always attend a DVUSD scheduled training or contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more options. 

The DVHS Administration can usually accommodate training on an individual basis. 

DVUS Volunteer Training Schedule

Required Paperwork

Volunteer Registration FormVolunteer Service Agreement

Please Send Completed paperwork to:
[email protected]