Marching Band

2023 DVHS Marching Band

Deer Valley High School 2023 Marching Band Show 
– Ritual


Thank you for your interest in the Deer Valley High School Marching Band. 
DVHS Skyhawk Bands have a long history of pride and excellence!
We look forward to welcoming to you our band family!

Here are some important dates, and a summary of the items you should have for summer band camps.
Please refer to the full DVHS Marching Band Documentation for more details.   

DVHS Instrumental Music Program Docs

Marching Band Rehearsals
Mondays & Wednesdays 6pm-9pm
Percussion & Guard — Mon & Wed 5pm-6pm
Brass — Mondays 5pm-6pm
Woodwinds — Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

Summer Marching Band Schedule

Please checkout and subscribe to the DVHS Band Calendar

DVHS Instrumental Music Program Calendar

Summer Marching Band Requirements

*** Closed toe shoes required *** 

Please were light breathable clothing
*** NO Jeans or Hoodies *** 

Woodwinds & Brass

Please bring: 
Instrument (mouthpiece & reeds)
Flip Folder/Lyre
Any accessories

Percussion & Battery

Please Bring: 
Sticks or Mallets depending on your instrument
Any required accessories

Required for everyone:

— Black or Blue Binder
— Pencils
— Water Jug – LARGE refillable Jug. NOT a water bottle
— Hat
— Neck towel (helps keep you cool)
— Sunscreen
— Bug spray (if desired)
— One 9 volt battery
— One container of Hand Sanitizer OR  Wipes

— 1  case of bottled water (this will be used throughout the year at events)


Summer Uniforms

For the safety of our students and to keep a united look during our performances, the Skyhawk Marching Band uses a Summer Uniform for August and September. This will be worn with the band bibber pants at performances. When we start to wear the full uniform, the Summer Uniform becomes a moisture-wicking layer underneath, and accommodates easy clothing changes in public areas.

A Musician/Color Guard Kit along with shoes is required of all participants

Health And Safety

Your health and safety is extremely important to us. Marching Band takes place outside. It will be hot. Please prepare yourself for that.

See a staff member, section leader or volunteer immediately if you ever   feel fatigued or overheated.  

Tips to Stay Hydrated

Pre-hydrate by drinking water and electrolytes constantly! Before, after and during rehearsals. 

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Avoid soda, carbonated and sugary drinks as these can speed up dehydration.


Many fruits are a great source of both electrolytes and fluids. Bananas and dates are known for having high levels of the electrolyte potassium. 

While fruits are a great source of hydration they should not replace drinking water. 

Listen to your Body

If you don’t feel well, don’t ignore it. Cramped muscles, and fatigue are signs of dehydration. 

The color of your urine is also a tell tale sign that you could be dehydrated. Dark colored urine is a sign of dehydration.